We have aimed for making the best quality of items with continuous Development.


High value added skill development

  • · Fiber development of High-durability and High water solubility
  • · ECO fiber development
  • · Textile processing skill for industrial use

Smart factory

  • · Establishment of ERP
  • · Construction of Automated system for dye and production
  • · Improvement of MES level

Customer satisfaction

  • · System interworking for color matched
  • · Establishment of Automated system for Color Lab
  • · Introduction for obtain order and process status check App

Eco-friendly and Energy-Saving

  • · Establishment of Waste heat recovery line for energy circulation
  • · Establishment of FEMS
  • · Gained global green certification


Growth goals

1. Customer satisfaction

  • · Improvement of corporate competition for being selected as a star company
  • · Expansion of sales force by a corporate consulting
  • · Introduction of a research equipment by test analysis and a prototype production

2. Establishment of production infrastructure eco-friendly high value added

  • · Establishment of eco-friendly smart factory
  • · Development of High value added fabric functionality
  • · Gained global green certification, such as Bluesign and Higg Index

3. Jump for the functional textile industry

  • · Development of a textile processing skill for a functional industry
  • · Establishment of a multi-variety small-volume production base of High value added Textile
  • · Accomplishment of an annual sales for 15 billion won