Smart Business

We do my best to good products with the belief that 'the product refers to the company'.

Smart Business

1. MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

  • · Improvement of informatization of a staff
  • · Improvement of live monitoring of operational status
  • · Improvement of dye reproducibility and reduction of a lack
  • · Reduction of a process time by reducing the lack of a production
  • · Improvement of workers' labor strength, improvement of working environment

2. FEMS(Factory Energy Management System)

  • · Reduction of total use of energy by using steam, water, and electricity suitably
  • · Improvement of a productivity by a work history and stock management
  • · Improvement of an export competitiveness by reducing original production price
  • · A decrease in a contribution to an energy saving policy through reducing energy & Improvement of workplac

3. Fabric Roll Transfer Robot System

  • Improvement of a workplace by a
    reduction of a labor force for staf
  • Reduction of accidents by a
    defective loading
  • Improvement of a loading at correct position,
    an effectiveness and a management
  • Improvement of release accidents by
    reducing a mixed loading

Fabric Roll Transfer Robot Video